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Re: Inception (Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio) Grading & Discuss

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I just got back from seeing Inception for the first time and there were about 7 people in the theater. I was originally just going to save my money and stream it online, but decided against it. I'm glad that I did. It was amazing and I was surprised that I enjoyed it so much. I absolutely loved the ending. It totally fit the theme of the movie and was a perfect choice.
Glad you liked the movie too. Would you go into more detail about the what and why of the "loved the ending"? Are you talking about the 4 level dreaming climax (which I thought was fantastic as things are drawing to a close) and having to escape or are you talking about Cobb meeting his kids or are you saying that having the film end with a deliberately ambiguous shot of Mal's top fits the theme of the movie.

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I also disagree with the dreams should be surreal crowd. I think the movie does explain that the dream could be surreal but then your subconscious does start realizing you are having a dream. Everybody is talking about their own dreams and how they experience them. One of the points that Nolan could have made clearer (but it would have meant even more exposition) is that people dream several times during the night and most of the times they don't remember a majority of their dreams. The point of inception or extraction is to do that in a manner where the "mark" doesn't wake up thinking that he was in any way violated/oppressed in the dream. The "extraction" should not be noticed. And similarly the "inception" must not be noticed. So, to do that, they have to do mundane dreams and not frivolous dreams where Jason is morphing into Freddy Kruger or something cos the first thing the dreamer will do is remember it on waking up (or try to force himself awake by sheer force of will). While I am not always successful, but in some of my nightmares, I have been able to tell myself that this is only a dream, wake up and then I've actually woken up (typically with muscles all tensed up and sweating). That should not happen with the "mark". If anything, the film's opening sequence (after the 'Saito is old man' setup) actually shows Saito detecting the dream and waking up. So - to remain successful dream thieves, they need to keep the dream mundane.

I think this was explained in *some* detail in the movie. Tho' they didn't have anybody ask "but my dreams are soooo surreal".
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