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Re: Observation having to do with the cast

The only person who he interacts with extensively and who outranks him is Q - however John De Lance acts like a child around him, in my opinion, and he's 8 years younger. So not once in this series does he interact with someone who is at least his age and is the same rank or greater for more then a few seconds. One of the women you mentioned is only 7 years younger, the staff captain, and with her we see aspects of his personality that do not show themselves anywhere else in the series (although it's still not quite equal, since she's 7 years younger). However he looks much older then just 7 years older - he looks older then he is - I would've guessed 20 years older then De Lance.

Outside of Star Trek TNG he interacted extensively with Ian McKellan in X-Men, who is actually 1 year older and the same rank, in a sense. That was very controlled however - they probably stuck completely to the script.
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