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Help me identify an old tv space show!!!

Please help me identify a tv show or mini-series that aired in the early to mid-eighties, it may have been a made for tv movie and it aired in parts spanning over a few nights.

Unfortunately I have a vague recalling of it but this has bothered me for so many many years! I don't recall the station, nor the actors, (sorry) and my memory tells me I was around 6 yrs old at the time (so 1982-83?)...

Anyway the details I do remember:

It was a space show and a group of humans on a ship find an abandoned space station with a prisoner on it. This prisoner is someone they thought was dead and he turns out to be their leader or captain. He looks filthy, with long hair and a long beard. Then the doctors check him and he enters what looks like a sonic shower where he is quickly healed, cleaned, given a nice hair-cut and a trim beard - all by these magic rays or something. And now he looks pretty cool, the stereotypical leader type.

Later this same man enters a circular ring and has to fight some dude or something, can't recall if he fought an alien or some other big dude. If I recall correctly (and this part for me is very grey almost like I made it up lol) they had electric bracelets and during the fight were using it to 'shock' each other...or something???

So does this sound familiar!? Please help help me ID what this was, anyone, someone! Thanks!

p.s. Shows I've already eliminated are the old V miniseries, old BSG, any Trek, old Lost in Space...

- joVuNik
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