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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

Well, good thing my views on the advisory board are already on record.

It's bad enough to have them on board to give you a blow-by-blow breakdown of how you've done things the wrong way after the fact, but for Beckley to show up during a crucial mission to share his two cents with the captain is extremely lousy timing on his part.

But oh boy, how useful is it to have a Betazoid captain? Even as a half-Betazoid, Adele clearly has a leg up on her more conventional colleagues thanks to a almost flawless spidey-sense. Now that's handy.

And I better hope that whatever Malik is doing, was so incredibly unlikely that a top-notch Starfleet engineer and an ex-Borg drone could not possibly have foreseen it. If not, Adele needs to have another serious conversation without our favorite (non)-couple about their private life and issues being a dangerous distraction and leading to careless with the safety of their mission and the ship. And I mean serious.

Sorry for all the highlights. And I liked this chapter. Hey, if everything went right and there were no complaints, you wouldn't have much of a story now, would you?
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