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Re: Worldbuilding: New member integration in the UFP

Penta wrote: View Post
Before a certain pre-warp point, you ignore a planet except for an occasional flyby and passive monitoring
I truly believe that just about every pre~warp inhabited planet, regardless of it's stage of development, is going to be completely COVERED in researchers. Sociologists and anthropologists. Why content yourself with studying remote scans when you can live among the people of any historical period you choose for years, even decades, before retiring back to your homeworld and writing your doctoral dissertation.

And yes, they'll be careful.

Sci wrote: View Post
Wouldn't it just be easier to believe that Bozeman, Montana, in the Star Trek Universe is located in a different part of the state than its real-world counterpart?

And it still can't be Malmstrom, because it's far too small. Malmstrom AFB is much larger than the small complex seen in ST:FC.
Sure it can, in the movie we saw just one silo in central Montana, one silo doesn't make for a "complex." Malmstrom has hundreds of silos scattered over thousands of square miles, that is what a complex is.

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