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Re: "The Darkness and the Light"- was it true to character?

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Kira going gung-ho after Prin would've been totally A-OK if not for the fact that she was carrying a child. Frankly, I think "running and hiding", however much that would drive Kira insane, would be the appropriate and even noble response to that situation: yes, it means sacrificing pride, but it would take real character to do that--more so, if you ask me, than going charging in. Whatever reckless thing she wants to do with her own life, I could understand that even if I still wouldn't like her attitude. What she decides to do with another life that can't have any say in it--that I have no tolerance for whatsoever.
There is simply no guarantee, based on what we saw in the episode, that remaining on the station would have been safer. Kira felt she had to take action to protect her comrades, herself and thereby the baby. Her quarters had just been blown up despite all the security measures that were in place. Prin had already bypassed Starfleet transporter protocols. She decided not to sit around and wait for herself and the baby to be blown up. It's not about pride, but a matter of fighting for survival, or not fighting.

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And like I said, Kira didn't even have to repent for what she did, in Silaran's presence. Even something after the fact would've made it more understandable.
However, the whole point of the episode was to cast Kira in a problematic light, morally speaking. In that sense, it would have been counter productive to show Kira as repentant. Good characters have real flaws, that is to say traits that can cause them to do unsettling and problematic things in certain circumstances. Kira is one of the few examples in Trek of a fully-realized character largely because of episodes like this where her convictions and past history cause her to do things that are troubling for the audience but justifiable to her. This is a good thing.
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