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Re: "The Darkness and the Light"- was it true to character?

Kira going gung-ho after Prin would've been totally A-OK if not for the fact that she was carrying a child. Frankly, I think "running and hiding", however much that would drive Kira insane, would be the appropriate and even noble response to that situation: yes, it means sacrificing pride, but it would take real character to do that--more so, if you ask me, than going charging in. Whatever reckless thing she wants to do with her own life, I could understand that even if I still wouldn't like her attitude. What she decides to do with another life that can't have any say in it--that I have no tolerance for whatsoever.

And like I said, Kira didn't even have to repent for what she did, in Silaran's presence. Even something after the fact would've made it more understandable.
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