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Re: "The Darkness and the Light"- was it true to character?

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There are SO many ways, with the technology that was available in the Trekiverse, to trick Silaran into thinking Kira was off-station and out of the system (heck, they might even be able to fake her death), or any number of other scenarios they might want him to believe. "Sitting around helpless" would not have been in the slightest bit necessary.
Once the members of the Shakaar resistance cell started getting killed, it is reasonable to assume that all possible security measures had been taken to protect Kira and the baby (we see security guards being posted outside her quarters, etc.) Then Furel and Lupaza are killed in Kira's own quarters, where she and the baby had been a short while ago.

What if, at that point, Odo and Sisko started inventing various technical solutions to hide Kira and the baby? Well, then it becomes a story about Kira running and hiding from her attacker. And then you invent some technical counter-attack that allows Silaran to pierce whatever defense has been created. This would basically just be a game of technobabble rock versus technobabble scissors.

The crux of the story is: run or not run. Kira's choice is to not run, which is entirely in character.

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The Cardassian government is ultimately responsible for the fact that noncombatant Cardassians died--but this should be recognized as a tragedy and a further atrocity by Central Command, rather than celebrated as Kira did.
Kira does not celebrate what she did. She refuses to apologize to a man that has just killed two of her closest friends and is threatening to kill her. It is perfectly in character for her to remain defiant in those circumstances.

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And let's not forget how hypocritical this is of Kira: when Aamin Marritza decided he was ready to die to make a point about the wrongness of the Occupation, she didn't want to let him do it once she realized who he was and what he was really trying to do. She even said outright that he was NOT responsible for the atrocities of Gallitep, that just being there, and being Cardassian wasn't enough. She was ready to excuse him...I mean outright EXCUSE him.
There is nothing hypocritical about it. Kira would doubtless have considered Marritza a legitimate target during the Occupation. After the Occupation, killing him because he was a Cardassian was unjustifiable. He had sought to atone for the crimes of the occupation and Kira was able to see the nobility in that. There is no comparison with Prin, who sought to teach Kira a lesson with a series of killings.

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But like I said, even some sort of private mourning or atonement, something that Prin couldn't see and would never be a "victory" for him, would've helped. But there was NOTHING, and that was disgusting.
Showing Kira repenting afterwards in prayer might have worked ok as well, but I think I prefer that the episode leaves us with a more troubling vision of Kira, since its goal was to explore a darker side of her character.

I agree, though, that Ties complements this episode quite nicely in a number of ways.
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