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Re: "The Darkness and the Light"- was it true to character?

I think that Kira didn't have to necessarily apologize to Silaran on HIS terms. But even to say, "I don't regret the attack but I regret that you were in the way" would've been SOMETHING. Even a suggestion at the end that she worried about her standing before the Prophets, some kind of atonement ritual done in private (not even in front of Silaran) would've helped. There would've been a sense of too much pride to budge in front of Silaran, a refusal to break in the face of what he was doing to her, but there would've been a sense of SOME kind of "Bajoranity" in her.

While it helps later on, that she had to REALLY face her ugly attitude in "Ties of Blood and Water," where her hatred (as well as her fears from her past) nearly led to her abandoning a Cardassian that she actually loved, I think Kira's callous attitude was just disgusting.
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