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Re: "The Darkness and the Light"- was it true to character?

Ron Moore, the writer, said he wrote the ending specifically like that, because he thought it would be too cliche, and untrue to Kira, to have her repent everything she did. He said that "both people were right, and both people were wrong" (Kira and Silaron).

He also said that Kira's reaction was the stance of "a terrorist"...

( I think it's interesting: that word meant one thing in the late 90's when the show aired- and maybe now, something different- it's not an abstraction for some of us, sadly).

I like the fact that this episode didn't take the easy way out...

As a result, the audience is made to think- and maybe as Nerys Ghemor did, disagree with Kira, and maybe dislike her.
But that was her character, at least to me.
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