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"The Darkness and the Light"- was it true to character?

I'm a newbie to this board, so If this has been asked before, just ignore me.

I have been going through the episodes season by season... and this episde, well I have some questions.

First, I have to say I really liked it. I thought Nana Visitor did a great really pulled you in.

However, I have one problem with it.

The part where Kira goes off alone in the runabout to find the person responsible for the killings- it just seemed to me like Kira wouldn't do this, that is, she wouldn't jeopardize the baby!

I think Kira should have "gotten" the guy- she should save herself, but I thought maybe the writers should have brought Silaron (sic) to the station somehow...?

am I right, or am I missing something?
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