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Re: Your Star Trek Online Screenshots!

@Captain_Amasov - that's so darn cool. Really love the work that CapnLogan's put into polishing up all the classic ships (the Defiant is perfect, and the new Sovereign model looks so much better now).

Finally got round to taking some screenshots, and setting up a Photobucket account to upload them all! Here are a few of my two characters and their respective commands...:

First up, my pride and joy - the Excalibur-class USS Discovery (NCC-98615), picking up a shuttlecraft in orbit of Andoria.

And the Discovery's enterprising young man himself, Lieutenant Commander Shepherd - seen here on the bridge (with his trademark 'driving gloves! ).

Another 'beauty shot' - "Heading Out".

My other Starfleet ship, the Nova-class USS Rigel (NCC-91230), preparing to enter standard orbit.

The Rigel's Cardassian CO, Lt. Cmdr. Malor, accompanied by his First Officer T'Sia, and Ops Manager Two of Five.
In the foreground (i.e. hogging the camera...) is the ship's acting Science Officer, Duayen, a refugee from the Delta Quadrant. 'Dwayne', as he's become (affectionately!) known by the crew, volunteered his services to the ship after escaping from the Hirogen.

The Rigel assisting several stricken vessels before beaming down to clear out Romulan invaders from a Federation research outpost - notice the fantastic new Excelsior-class (refit version) starship in the foreground!

More to come at some point - to be honest, taking cool screenshots is fast becoming one of my favourite things to do in STO!
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