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Re: Worldbuilding: New member integration in the UFP

but I think the whole idea of Cochrane developing a warp drive in the woods with little help is a little far-fetched.
The argument could be made that Cochrane was only performing final assembly and launch in that silo, possible for security reasons and that research, development and production of the Phoenix and the warp drive was actual carried out in the central area of the nearby (former?) Air Force base.

Data said Cochrane's launch site was "a missile complex in central Montana." That pretty much makes it Malmstrom Air Force Base, near Great Falls, Montana. The current 341st missile wing has a fairly large central base and about 200 outlaying missile silos spread over some 23,000 square miles. Currently those silos hold Minutemen Three missiles. The lower section of the missile in the movie looks like a Minuteman Three. So while it might look like Cochrane and his crew were in the middle of nowhere, likely instead they were merely at the end a access road a few dozen miles from the central base.

The star is the base, the big dots are comand centers and the spider web of access roads lead to individual missile silos.

One of which is Cochrane's.

But how likely is it, do you think, for a planet to be able to develop FTL without cooperation from the entire planet?
Not really that hard to believe that a single nation could produce a warp ship, provided it independently possessed the necessary resources (brains and materials).

Does Starfleet militantly guard pre-warp civilizations?
If they first know about them, then sure, that might be a portion of Starfleet's mandate. This next is from a past thread;

KIRK: General Order 7, no vessel under any condition, emergency or otherwise, is to visit Talos Four.

MENDEZ: And to do so is the only death penalty left on our books. Only Fleet Command knows why. Not even this file explains that.
But if we monkey with the language a little bit, we get this;

KIRK: General Order 7 -- No vessel under any condition (emergency or otherwise) is to visit any planet on the proscribed list (which include Talos Four), unless the prohibition is suspended.

MENDEZ: General orders are the only death penalties left on our books. Only Fleet Command knows why Talos Four is on the proscribed list, not even this file explains that.
The threat of the death penalty may be what keeps ships (civilian and otherwise) away from all planets protected by the prime directive. The prime directive is a general order. In order to keep ships away from Talos Four, it was added to the list. Talos Four (it would seem) lacked FTL ships, so adding it to the proscribed list would have been legal under the prime directive. Commodore Mendez's statement was that there was no explanation as to why it was on the list. Suggesting the reason that other planets are on the proscribed list is explained.]

The death penalty might be the maximum possible penalty. With a lesser penalty being the standard, in America some States have the death penalty, but it's rarely used.
Again, from a different thread, however if the Federation applies and enforces their General Orders to all planets on their proscribed list, with varying degrees of punishment (including but rarely death), that might keep even the Ferengi away. "Primitive" worlds would have sensors and beacons placedin their star systems that would call Starfleet about an incursion, who would then sent the nearest ship. Something small like a corvette or a destroyer would usually do the job.

does the UFP only assume responsibility for making FC for planets within its own territory?
This would make sense.

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