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Re: Just watched Star Trek V - pros and cons

Most of the things that I dislike about this movie have already been listed, so I won't list them again. And since I'm somewhat late coming in on this discussion, I stopped reading at about page 10, so if what I'm about to say has been covered in the last couple pages and I'm just repeating, I apologize!

the problem I have with this movie and with several other instances in sci-fi is the attempt to make a statement about religion without actually really knowing anything about religion.

Is this REALLY how an "non-believer" views religious people? I admit, I don't like "religion"; neither did Jesus. And I admit that there are some "charlatans" out there, but I guess I just think the broad brush used here is inaccurate.
To me, this seems like an attempt to attack something one doesn't even understand.
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