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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

Well it seems the back & forth about Adele’s tough captaincy is playing out — she’s made her decision & stood by it firmly but inside (once we see there) she is as conflicted as anyone by her decisions. Just the wrong time for her to be waylaid by the Admiral so, inevitably, that is the moment he picks. This really is an abrupt, upfront approach from him; very direct & obvious in what he wants to get from Adele but his clumsy subtlety doesn’t seem to be getting him far — it works to an extent but she picks up on it and is still disenchanted with the man on just about every level. It isn’t his best play at all . . . ah but we’ve seen him in the wings and seen how he can wear whatever face suits his needs of the moment, helped along by all the insider knowledge he has. So now; he is being pretty much what most people (Adele included) would expect him to be — a man with an agenda he’s willing to force his way onto people for and to push to a manipulative level, but no very sophisticated level. Overall the facade is one of a guy you can get a handle on, as he isn’t as able as he imagines himself to be; that could be a fateful misreading. Against all that; circumstances have put him and Adele jointly at point in a moment of crisis. It will be interesting to see if they are forced to work together under fire and how the Admiral will balance holding up his mask against working effectively.

Malik sure has chosen being effective for himself over anything else it is a wonder that Maren and Icheb were both caught out by his link to the ship as both are familiar with Borgability but, then, both are somewhat off key thanks to recent events. Their live are pretty much on parallel track right now: both have had physical trauma in their own ways (Borg Target / Borg Captive) and each are emotionally overturned and some of the issues they face they share with the other so they are mirrors to each other and in the same critical situation at the same time — relying on each other and playing off each other; not something they can afford right now.
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