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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

^ Probably giving Cole at least a chance to prove his fitness.

The squad in general is garbage though. Same tired old faces, and token new inclusions who have already shown they're not good enough eg Cole, Zamora, Barry...

In all a good opening weekend, however. Bristol hammered, Leeds lose, Swansea lose and apparently pretty awful, Cardiff draw (though we could have won but for that damn Stoke goalkeeper!)... seriously though, Sheffield Utd? Anyone else here seen them play? What a bunch of timewasting thugs. Ched Evans, Leon Britton and Jamie Ward especially, and how the hell Simonsen didn't get booked for timewasting in the second half we'll never know. And the bloody referee was absolutely dreadful, giving drop-balls like they were going out of fashion.

Community Shield was decent too. Lovely goals, and true skill/hilarity at the Chicarito special. More of that please. He could be the man to help bring the best of Berbatov at last.

...and then all excitement is killed by international borefests. I'll watch England just to see how much booing there is.
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