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Re: Star Trek: Restoration - Onyx

Nice shift of perspective to Onyx & the Fleeters there; as you said before Qwert’s viewpoint is a handy tool — focusing on him nicely narrated the Fleeter’s situation on Onyx . . . good red herring too. Illuminating as being walked through the straits of Qwert & co is; it doesn’t truly explain much; it drops teasers more than revelations and in all the melee on Onyx & Redemption several players are obvious by their absence rather than their presence — Kalara, Ianto, Sarine — how are they faring right now?

Prin is wrongfooted in command for once (a moment of indecision) but no wonder when she is having to think on several levels at once with very little info but then she makes her decision and holds to it — class character drawing. Talking of characters not one of the Laurentii involved is a known name with known affiliations (unless my memory plays me false) so, for all that we’ve learnt, we’re still in the dark too.

It may be Future Trek but somehow it feels like classic Trek . . . with The Starship facing An Alien Race of unknown capability that seems vastly superior; The Away Team is in danger; the Fate Of The Galaxy hangs on the outcome and (naturally) The Captain is lost and The First has the helm - - -
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