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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Robinson, Brown WTF really

It smacks of children throwing there toys out of the pram especially in Robinson's case who in his statement sounded like a spoilt kid whose just been told he'll have to earn his pocket money. Yes Capello should of picked you more in the squad and yes you should of gone to the world cup but come on stop acting like a kid. With Hart and Foster inexperienced, Robinson would of been number 2 due to his experience at least until 2012. As for Brown he should of said I prefer not to be picked but in a injury crisis I'll come and help, I really find it insulting that people refuse to play for there country I mean hes 30 not exactly retirement age.

Capello call ups for Gibbs/Wilshire is just a cheap token to make Capello look liek hes going to change because I agree with Henry Winter of the telegraph who basically says if he was serious then Agbonlahor/Rodwell would be in the squad.
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