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Re: Inception (Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio) Grading & Discuss

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The whole point of making the dreams real was to trick the "victim" into thinking he was still in the real world. They flat out told us this in the movie. If it was just a movie about random dreaming, sure, make it crazy and weird. But if you're trying to force someone into making real-world decisions, you need to put them in a real world setting.

I mean, most of my dreams take place at work. Nothing crazy about them.

Same here, my dreams are almost always in a mundane, "real" world and hardly ever are some trippy What Dreams May Come or surrealist paitning or M.C. Escher head-trip they're pretty much always in a fairly mundane world.

And even when my dreams delve into the bizzare they're still pretty much grounded in "a" reality and realism without being surreal and out of whack. Even the dream I had involving aliens/nuclear war was fairly mundane. Dreams don't all have to be about twisted faces, metling clocks, and walking around inside sceneic paintings done by Thomas Kinkade.
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