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I'll wait until I see some episodes before I get excited, Saban has not only produced good stuff, but also a lot of crap in the 9 years he owned the franchise before, I don't believe the "Oh my God, Saban is so awesome!!!" stuff. I'm cautiously optimistic that the show will be good, but that's it.
At the very least, I'm hoping that, under Saban, the old series might start seeing some decent DVD releases. Disney never really seemed sure what to do with the property, the same way they diddled around with not doing proper DVDs for the 1990s X-Men cartoon.

Personally, I'd be really interested in some season sets for Zeo, In Space, some of the latter portions of MMPR, and the latter half of Turbo (mostly for Hillary Shepherd Turner as Divatox. "Viva la Diva!").

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You know, as sick as it sounds, I'd love to see a reboot of the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.
Well, it already was a reboot of Zyuranger.

And of all the PR incarnations, MMPR had the shallowest, lamest storytelling and the most effective and charismatic cast. So I don't see any value in redoing the premise of those seasons with a different cast. It would be preserving the weak part without the strong part.
Although, if they could figure out a way to bring back Lord Zedd, that might be cool. I've also got soft spots for Rita Repulsa & Goldar.
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