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Re: Planet of the Titans study models

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I can never look at this design and not see the initial concept for the 1701D.
I got copies of much of the Ken Adams/ Ralph McQuarrie work in the early 80s from Mr. Probert via Paul Newitt. When the 1701-D design was released several years later, I saw the resemblance. You have to account for the fact that these were study models and rough in form, and that they might well have been softened somewhat if they had been developed further. I also assumed the bigger saucer on the 1701-D was a functional adaptation to the longer (I think originally stated to be twenty year?) mission of the TNG ship. I did just that when I came up with the Ariel carrier design and then specifically mentioned my "softened" version as a harbinger of later designs as a nod to the 1701-D in the publications where it appeared.

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