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Re: vote on Inception's ending (spoilers obviously)

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Did Miles even mention he was going to meet him there? And wasn't Michael Caine wearing the exact same clothes in the airport that he was wearing in his earlier scenes?
When Cobb meets Caine at the university he gives Caine some presents for the kids for when he (Caine) goes to visit. Considering some time, even as long as a week, passes between the training of the team and setting things up it makes sense that Caine would arrive in America before Cobb.

I'm not sure he's wearing the exact same clothes but we can either chalk this up to them simply being the same style of clothes or simply the movie not wanting to spend money to buy two outfits for a character we see for all of five total minutes betweent he two end of the film.
Lots of great fictional characters wear the same clothes all the time. Like... Launchpad McQuack...

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And if that ending was meant to be taken as "CEO magic" then Nolan is an even worse writer than I thought. This would be like Steve Ballmer placing one phone call and Roman Polanski gets to come back to the US, pass through one of our airports, and go to a relative's house, all without anyone noticing or caring. Does that seem even remotely likely? Polanski isn't even accused of killing anyone like Cobb was.
But Polanski was famous before he was a fugitive. Presumably Cobb was not.
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