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The blue ranger's mask looks like a marijuana leaf logo.
The Super Sentai that the 2011 Power Ranger's will adapt is based on Japanese Samurai's

Their helmets represent their japanese kanji

火 Fire for Red
水 water for blue
木 wood for green
土 represents earth for yellow

天 sky for Pink

光 light for Gold

The Shinkenger's first henshin/transformation

Female Shinken Red

From the other thread here are the cast descriptions. They're 90% identical to the Shinkenger's profile

Any ethnicity, 18 to 23 to play 16 to 19 years. 5'4"-5'6. She is beautiful, sophisticated, intelligent and confident. She tends to be the older sister type. Motherly. She is very intuitive and genuinely cares about others.

Any ethnicity, 18 to early twenties to play 14 to 16 years of age. 5'2"- 5'5". Very cute, sweet, positive and very na´ve small town girl. She is the baby sister that everyone looks after.

Any ethnicity male, 18 - 23 to play 17-19 years. He is on the slim side - 5'7" - 5'10". He is over animated, funny and affectionate, a Jim Carrey type but with no ego. He is a guy who grew up in the streets and is self taught fighter and a self taught computer programmer. Must have great comedic body movements.

Any ethnicity female, 18 to early twenties to play 16 to 19 years of age. height 5'4"- 5'6". good looking, cold and aloof. She is a princess with blue blood lineage. She is very brave and maintains her courage under difficult circumstances.
ShinkenGold's transformation

Genta/ShinkenGold does alot of mannerisms like Jim Carrey
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