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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.

CATHEXIS - 1x13 - 3/5

I get the impression this episode cops a lot of a flack for being terrible, but I don't mind it. It's hardly great though.

The episode opens with Janeway playing in some Victorian period holodeck piece and I have to say, this is slightly alienating to me. I don't like literature of this setting, and it's also in stark contrast to the various past times of the previous captains, most of which I could get on board with.

I noticed in Cathexis, although it's been a problem for most of the season, that the editing has been terrible. Non-dramatic beats are used as act-breaks and other dramatic moments are just ploughed straight through. However, some background reading reveals that VOY was being restructured around a five act layout (from the old four act format) and this was causing difficulties for the entire production crew, so that explains that.

It causes logic errors to crop up often though, like Kes magically knowing about the alien prescence on the ship which had just been discussed for the first time in sickbay about 15 seconds earlier - a discussion she wasn't present for at all.

Neelix is particularly intolerable this episode as he rages about everything he doesn't understand (which in this episode, is everything).

This episode is really quite strange, but I kind of like it. The crew being forcibly turned against eachother is pretty cool and creates some solid dramatic tension. Tuvok being the real bad guy all along as fairly obvious the whole time unfortunately though.
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