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Re: Worldbuilding: New member integration in the UFP

but the problem is that there are decisions that need to be made with zero leaks, more or less right then
Given that the Federation's proposal is basically "We get our way - or - we get our way." what local decisions would needed to be made at all?

That's basically impossible at lower levels
By lower level, I meant below the level of the chief executive. A trusted adviser or well instructed ambassador would do. There would also be sensible security concerns. The leadership knowns little about the Federation at this point (actual nothing), and these new aliens only want to get every last world leader in one room with no protective details, well that certainly sound reasonable. Hell, the secret service, literally, might not let the President walk into that room alone. Or let him travel to the meeting at all.

They'll still be absorbing the idea that an FTL engine worked for real.
That would depend on how much time has transpired between the first flight and first contact. If the preference is to have a dedicated contact team handle the first contact and taking into account communications and travel times, actual first contact might be months, or in rare occasions years, after the first flight. The Wright brothers flew three times the first day.

And until you know ET can't blow up your city, your country, or your planet with a button-push, you have to presume they can. Until you know they won't, you gotta presume they will if you look at them funny.
So place all the leaders in their hands.

there'd still be significant pressure from every other country on the planet to put up a unified front and not strike out on your own.
Previously I mention that hypothetically either Russia or America might be the ones to achieve warp flight first. So "put up a unified front and not strike out on your own." Uhmmm, would not that advice be the exact opposite of the exspected actions of those two nations?

In fact Penta, from a certain way of looking at it, a nation that was afraid to strike off on their own ...

... probably won't be the one to invent a warp drive!

the UFP if they can't herd their members on at least that issue
If I saw that individual member worlds retained their sovereign rights in the face of the central power, if anything would be an encouragement to one day join.

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