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Re: New Trek Series?

I should expand what I mean by "How the Next Generation was put together." I admit that was a little vague and some took it a wrong meaning. I did not intend to suggest to duplicate or re-imagine The Next Generation. I was intending to suggest how the Next Generation was created and produced. To look at what elements worked on that show and what didn't. This could be expanded to include the original show and DS9.

First I believe a show needs some charismatic characters in the central command structure. The first two shows had a male captain and first officer that are like 2 sides of the same coin. Should always have an experienced officer with wisdom and is still learning, along with someone more impulsive, ready for the action. Need characters to express their opinion about right and wrong. Have to show a human and non-human points of view. Need characters with accents, from different regions of Earth.

I think Voyager had some lack with Charisma in its core character command structure. A female captain and a passive first officer did not seem to work. It needed a First Officer more like Spock or Riker. Many thought Chakotay was too passive, too diplomatic at first, and writers got too far from the character we seen in the premier episode. A female captain is fine, but have the first officer more of the adventurer, opinion expressive, or the impulsive go getter.

Star Trek is always going to need those adversarial species that challenge the crew, continue use the ever popular Klingons, Romulans, and Borg, and create new ones as well.

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