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Re: vote on Inception's ending (spoilers obviously)

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Considering how preposterous the technology in the film is
By that criterion, we've now effectively relegated the entire Star Trek series, and many other films, to "it was all a dream" status.
That's a little different. We don't know exactly how warp drive is supposed to effect FTL travel. It just does. It's an unknown science. Now, if the Enterprise traveled through space with a giant rotary propeller, that would be preposterous because we know that space doesn't work that way.

In real life, we know a lot about dreams. Much of what we know contradicts how "dreams" are treated in Inception.

For example, on a basic level, we know that dreaming is a function of the brain. So why do the devices tap into the wrists instead? (It's like medieval science when they thought that blood was created when the stomach fed nutrients to the liver, that blood contained thoughts, and that the heart was the regulator of where all the thoughts come from. The brain was dismissed as basically a giant radiator.)
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