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Re: vote on Inception's ending (spoilers obviously)

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I want to believe that it was real. Otherwise, the whole movie is just about a guy taking a nap, and none of it matters.
Except that, even if stuff in the movie was "real," it still didn't really happen because, you know, it's a movie. None of it matters except to the extent that all movies matter. The characters & events are as real & important as you want them to be.

Thanks. I didn't realize it was a movie.
The "" is unnecessary. My comment had nothing to do with your specific perceptions of the movie. I intended it as a broader statement of what I believe was one of Nolan's intentions in ending the movie ambiguously the way he did. The statement, "It's a movie," was more the personal epiphany I had when I was walking home from the theater a bit perplexed.

Why would he make a movie where everything was just a dream? If it's just a movie anyway, then nothing that "really" happened really happened regardless. So why does fiction become less significant if it's a fictional dream instead of fictional "reality"? I think these are the questions that Nolan wants us to ask. (And I'm not entirely sure he wants anyone to answer them.)

But then, I think a lot of Nolan's movies can't be interpreted literally (except for Batman Begins. And I suppose The Prestige can be interpreted literally as well as structurally). His movies are less about characters & events and more about ideas, themes, feelings, & structure. (In this way, Nolan is very much the opposite of modern populist pulpists like James Cameron & George Lucas. Movies like Avatar & Star Wars are much less about exotic ideas and more about using classic heroic archetypes in exciting settings to thrill audiences while reinforcing timeless themes of good vs. evil.)
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