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Re: What channel should a new Trek TV series be on?

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Who voted for CW???
CW and Showtime are the only realistic answers because CBS owns them and isn't going to make a show for a competitor to air. CBS itself is unlikely because they have zero interest in sci fi (they are the only one of the five networks with no sf/f programming now or debuting next season), their audience is totally wrong, and the fact that their shows get strong ratings means that Star Trek would probably need 10M+ to survive and there's no way it would ever get that. Star Trek needs to be someplace it can survive as a niche show.

CW had a space opera pilot in contention for the coming season. It wasn't picked up, but that did demonstrate interest. Showtime launched Stargate way back when; maybe they'd be interested in going back to space opera someday.

Of the two, I'd say CW is slightly more likely because they seem to be expanding from young female demo and adding young male (natural for space opera); and it's been a long time since Showtime had Stargate. HBO has made noises about doing sci fi series, but I haven't heard boo from Showtime to demonstrate any interest in that area.
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