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This was actually posted about several months ago.
The thread, posted in May:

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I searched "Power Rangers" in this forum and got nothing related to this. I didn't bother to search in TV & Media because Power Rangers is a sci-fi/fantasy series.
Yeah, I had taken the separation between the two forums quite literally myself too at one point. Turns out either forum can be used if the topic itself isn't about the fiction, but rather the "real world" side of things. Just search the whole forum next time. No reason to limit your search unless your search term is very common.

Anywho, the cast (Rangers anyway) has been revealed by a member of the fan community. This info has been accepted at the big community spots (Rangerboard, etc), so apparently the source is trustworthy.

Alex Heartman (Reese, Red Ranger)
Najee-De-Tiege (Baron, Blue Ranger)
Hector David Jr. (Parry, Green Ranger)
Erika Fong (Sadie, Pink Ranger)
Brittany Pirtle (Ava, Yellow Ranger)
Steven Skyler (Wesley, Gold Ranger)

Rangerboard thread with actor pics
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