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Re: How IRON MAN 2 ruined Jon Favreau's relationship with Marvel

I'm not quite sure time has necessarily anything to do with it so much as being allowed to tell a good story without inference. You've hired good filmmakers, now let them do their job and tell their story.

For example, Sam Raimi made Spider-Man 2 only two years after the first Spider-Man and he was allowed to make the film he wanted to make. Spider-Man 3 was released three years after the second film but had a lot of studio and producer inference which led to a compromised quality.

While Favreau did voice concerns that he would be unable to make Iron Man 2 in the timetable that Marvel wanted, I think had he been allowed to make the film uninhibited he could have made a better film. Then again, that was probably only one factor in many that contributed to the lackluster quality of Iron Man 2.
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