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Re: New figures for 2010 including a look at 11th Doctor

Got my UC First Doctor/Tardis set a few days back and I love the Tardis. It's my favourite of the three I have (the other two being the Fourth's and Ninth's/Tenth's).

I've got my Amy and two Ironside Daleks, and my Fifth/Master on the way so hopefully they're defect free.

As for the Eleventh Doctor Tardis set... I still kinda want it but it still like it looks like shit. The Ninth/Tenth Tardis set was easy to finish. You just printed out the wall panels floating around the net and there you were.

With this one, with the crazy, jagged cuts, the walls not even reaching the ceiling/top of the time rotor and the exterior doors just being a cardboard print... it still comes across as cheap and lazy.
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