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Re: Star Trek: Online

Hiya all, I wanted to ask if someone could help me with something. I'd like to sometimes contribute to the Memory Beta wiki. Now i know there is an STO wiki out there but it lacks the information that I am seeking so I was wondering if one of you kind posters might be able to help me.

There is a mission called Mission: Ancestral Sin that takes place on Vulcan I think involving a Romulan delegation. Anyway from what I gather, there is something about a death threat involved and Syrrannites along with some talks with some Vulcan historians. Could someone explain to me what goes on in the mission? I mean in terms of content? What do the Vulcan historians say and all that. Its because I would like to add it to the wiki if possible and can't seem to find anywhere on the net that tells me what the historians and outcome of the mission is.

Now I know some might say play the game, but sadly I cannot afford to so if anyone can help me or PM me, that would be appreciated. Thanks!
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