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Re: Allow Myself to Introduce...Myself

Wow! Thirteen pages! I just got through them. I am new here and do not yet rate the perks. Watched TOS on TV 1966-68. Now have the set and do not reallly watch TV now. Got a BA in Psychology and a BA in Political Science. Have been diagnosed with schizophrenia for over 25 years. Read over 100 ST novels. Got sets of SG-1 and B5 too. Interested in Political science fiction. Did some remarks on the ST Literature about "Astronauts and Mental Health." Work as a Peer Support Worker. PSWs support others in achieving their recovery goals. Have studied rather broadly and actually did pass a calculus course and statistics as well as biology. May actually read "Technology Review" more often as suggested by one of my Political Science profs. Writing might be interesting to do sometime...
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