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Re: Inception (Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio) Grading & Discuss

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That guy doesn't really point out problematic things: he describes a different movie that he thinks he would enjoy more.
Exactly. The point of the other characters isn't important, every movie that brings around a heavy sci-fi concept like this needs a exposition-monkey to explain things to audience and that Cobb, or any story, needs a physical counterpart as the "heavy" is stupid. Contless great stories have been written and told where the heavy/anatagonist is also the protagonist.

Cobb fighting his inner demons/projection of Mal is vastly more interesting and heavy in terms of drama and emotion than another, physical person would be or an "anti-team" working against them.

Cobb coming to grips with his guilt, forgiving himself and moving on choosing what he believes to be reality (assuming where he ends up at the end of the movie is as much of the "real world" as we thought we were in all along) over an eternity in Limbo suffering over his own guilt with the ghost of his memories of his live is pretty damn interesting. A lot more interesting that it'd be if the "heavy" was another team of dream-invaders.
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