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Re: Just watched Star Trek V - pros and cons

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I saw it more as forgetful diplomacy, where half hearted efforts are made to work together, something gets halfway done, and then the governments quickly toss it from the books.
Admiral Bennett says that he “need[s] Jim Kirk” despite the condition of the Enterprise and sends Kirk & crew to deal with the situation. I used to think it was a pretty stupid decision, but now I think I was in error in taking the Admiral’s words at face value.

I now see it differently. The Nimbus III situation is an ass assignment. When Caithlin Dar says that their respective governments would “stop at nothing to ensure [the hostages’] safety,” she’s deluded, just as she is in her belief that she was sent to Nimbus III to make a difference. Sending the Enterprise to deal with the situation is a half-hearted action. In truth Starfleet didn’t want to pull another starship off a mission that actually matters. The bit about needing Jim Kirk was just flattery.
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