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Re: Spider-Man movie (casting, rumors, pix till release)

Bryce's was far more 616. I wouldn't say she was at all in your face. Hell I'd love to have seen more of Bryce's face! She was cute. Although she was still the model slash college student that MJ SHOULD have been.

Kristen Dunst... was just... meh. The first one she was kinda hot and had a kinda flirty element to her, at least early on in the movie. But afterwards she just got pathetic. Like when you find out that a girl you had a crush on in school, is working at Target or doing some menial job and kinda lost that fire. Sure MJ in the comics lost it here and there, but she was still a knockout and I don't know how many times Peter or someone made some comment about "the science nerd bagging the supermodel". MJ has always been basically a supermodel. Thin, leggy, tall, and feisty. But she had guts, brains and dedication going for her. I kind of like to see a merge of the 616 and the Ultimate MJ - where you get a leggy super model, but she's also a bit of a brain too. Rachel Nichols would have made an awesome MJ
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