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Re: Star Trek: Online

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Oh, 10 pounds doesn't seem too bad. It's just annoying when you've bought the game for 3 times that price!
I remember downloading a trial of WoW. I had to keep updating my demo. I never got to play it in the end :/

I hope STO is worth it! Judging from the comments on here, it seems to be.

On this demo, how long does it enable me to play for?

update: I have to download a patch, apparently? Hm. I am pretty sure this is a recent demo. Maybe its because it's taken a fair week to download!

Is it necessary to download this darn patch? I just wanna play..
Yes, you need to download any and all patches that are posted. Remember that your playing on a server over the internet with over a thousand people online at the same time as you. Thus the client you use has to be the same as everyone else as that's how they ensure everyone is playing under the same 'ruleset' (very important for PvP and making PvE fair across the board).
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