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Re: Star Trek: Online

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Quick question. I am downloading the demo currently at a pain-steakingly slow rate of 77kbs/per sec here in the UK. I am really looking forward to playing.
Say I like the game, and I decide to buy, so I do. Do I need to purchase 'game time'? Seems alot to ask more considering people have gone out to buy a game at 20-30!
As with most MMORPGs, this is a monthly subscription game. The initial purchase includes 30 days of free time, but that time is only activated once you set up a payment method for your recurring subscription. However, when you set up that payment method, you are not charged until the 30 days expire, and any time during that 30 days you can cancel your recurring subscription and still use your free time; they just want that credit card or whatever to make sure the account is connected to a human being intending to play the game, not a spammer buying a disposable account to spam folks.

The monthly fee in the UK is currently 10.34 pounds including VAT. There is a discount for purchasing time in 3-month or 6-month blocks, but that's an upfront charge for the entire block if you do. A lifetime sub costs 192.49.
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