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Ditto on both counts, though I can one up you on the latter. My MaleShep not only cheated on Ashley with Miranda (after a quickie with Jack) but promptly cheated on her too in favour of a certain Quarian yes, my MaleShep is a complete bastard and a dog.

My FemShep on the other hand was steadfastly loyal to Liara...though only because the game designers wouldn't let her get some Quarian action too.
My first play-through was with my MaleShep, and somehow I didn't realise I could go down the elevator and talk to Ashley and the others until after the Virmire mission, at which point it was too late to romance her (even though I sent Kaidan to his death in the hope that I would). Last year, I replayed the game with the same MaleShep and tried to replicate everything from my first play-through, but this time I romanced both Ashley and Liara until they forced me to choose between them. I tried to choose both, but they wouldn't let me. So I went with Ashley as my FemShep already paired up with Liara. In ME2, I wasn't sure what to do at first, but Ashley acted pissy towards me when I saw her, and then I saw this scene, so my mind was made up.

My FemShep was a mean renegade, but after sleeping with Liara she mellowed out, and the lack of Liara in ME2 turned her cruel again. So I kept her chaste in ME2, I like the idea that she's a horrible person, but she wants to do the right thing for Liara. Unlike your FemShep, mine absolutely loathed Tali for some reason, she pissed off Tali so much in ME1 that Tali refused to talk to her any more. I tried to do the same in ME2 to keep things consistent, but all I managed to do was break Tali's self esteem, then she died during the suicide mission.

I do have a little soft spot for Garrus though. His stock went up after turning out the be Archangel (did anyone NOT see that coming a parsec away?) but he has a kind of emo/angsty air that I find mildly tiresome.
I'm not quite sure what it was, but Garrus in ME2 really stood out for me, he even began to remind me of Garak (which is the biggest compliment I can give).

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I question the decision to let everyone survive the suicide mission though. Forcing at least some party members to die could have heightened the drama, and getting most/all of them to survive is pretty easy.
I agree, letting at least 1 person die during the suicide mission ramps up the drama, letting a half dozen die makes that mission epic. The only reason I want to save everyone is because in my first game I (accidentally) lost Thane, in my second game I (intentionally) lost Jack, Tali, Grunt, Mordin and Zaeed, in another game I intend to lose everyone except the minimum needed to survive, so that means I need one more where the whole team survives.
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