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How IRON MAN 2 ruined Jon Favreau's relationship with Marvel

How Iron Man 2 ruined Jon Favreau's relationship with Marvel.

The link above goes into depth about the creative process for Iron Man 2 and the somewhat disappointing result that was the movie. Apparently according to the source that Cinema Blend has spoken to, Favreau was unhappy with how Iron Man 2 turned out and furthermore was unhappy at the creative process that went into making the film.

Allegedly, the differences began when Marvel and Favreau had payment disagreements over the director's gig for Iron Man 2. Marvel wanted to pay Favreau less than he had originally wanted. Eventually, Favreau had worked out a deal that secured him the payment he sought, but apparently that has led to Marvel paying their directors less for their subsequent films. As a matter of fact, Favreau was never a contender for The Avengers for that sole reason: They didn't want to pay Favreau the amount they would have had to, even though Favreau wanted the Avengers directing gig, so they sought out cheaper talent like Joss Whedon.

The differences continued when Favreau felt creative inference on Marvel's end by forcing story elements into the film that would hint at a future Avengers film, such as an extra subplot which basically served as an Avengers infomercial. Characters such as Nick Fury and Black Widow were shoe-horned in to service this subplot, and apparently Favreau feels this subplot did more to disservice the film than actually help it.

Purportedly even Robert Downey Jr. acknowledges the problems that occurred in the film, and while he's contractually obligated to do Iron Man 3, the source reveals that will likely be his last Marvel movie (after The Avengers). The source also claims that because of the differences between Marvel and Favreau and how Favreau feels Iron Man 2 was lackluster and disappointing as a result of that inference, it is likely that Favreau will not return for Iron Man 3, or so the source claims.

Now, all of this could be pure conjecture, so take this all with a grain of salt, but if you read the article, and you understand the timeline of events that occurred leading up to Iron Man 2 (including the inferior film that it was), and you can see how these things can add up and begin to make sense. Iron Man 2 wasn't a bad film by any means, but I definitely agree that the shoe-horned in Avengers elements hurt the story and made it a weaker film as a result.

What do you guys think? With Marvel trying to interconnect all of their films into one whole cohesive universe, are they damaging some of their solo efforts in the process? Was Iron Man 2 a weaker film as a consequence of Marvel's efforts to push for an eventual Avengers film?
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