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Re: The Photoshop Thread, Part IV

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I love it when people say that so-and-so is in the wrong shirt. Cheers me right up! And "mashup of the day"...the picture's a year old! hehehe!
I thought you might be amused by that.

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Some of the comments in the blogs are reblogs from other blogs, which are reblogs themselves. Self perpetuating bloggery!

Yeah, there seems to have been an explosion of rebloggery, just in the last day or so; "Serenity Trek" is suddenly everywhere, and all chains seem to lead back to this Alex Luko's Tumblr album. I've got no idea whether he's a member here and all I know for sure is that he's an animator who likes to collect images of all sorts of things.
The pic also got a mention at Whedonesque and there's a few tweets, too.

Life is strange!

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