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Re: Why New York Comic-Con Is Superior to San Diego Comic-Con

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While I understand that the captions are mostly meant with good humor let me rebut a couple just to be dickish about it.

Pic 1) Wrong. As I pointed out in another thread, there was plenty of comic action at SDCC; Marvel and DC both had about 15 panels each over the 4 days and the indies weren't left out, either. Plus workshops, seminars, etc. Oh, and a little thing called the Eisner Awards. Plus shite-loads of dealers on the floor. Don't listen to rumors.

Pic 2) Is just more bellyaching in the Pic 1 vein. It is not an argument. No it isn't. It is not. Look, this is not an argument.

Pic #3) 70,000? Hmm, so San Diego circa 1996 or -97. This argument will go away in about 5 - 10 years.

Skiiping 4 for a minute.

8) Wrong. Hotels a plenty and near the airport, trolley lines and busses. Someone is sadly misinformed.

10) Oh, yeah. Well, I live in CA. So there.

Back to 4) Maybe but I'll submit these for your perusal:

...and the piece de star Kayden Kross just chillin' with the nerds for no apparent reason...

Yeah, I think I'll stick with San Diego. Although NY does have its charms.
Overall I agree now that said...

Eh.. porn stars are a dime a dozen. Fun people to party and hang with though. Once you've been around them though you realize it's no big deal.

Kinda like bouncing in a strip club.. guys used to say "you have the best job in the world" and i'd be like.. "Eh.. you've seen one naked stripper you've seen em all"
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