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Re: Casting Superman?

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One of the things that I think hurt Superman Returns was Routh was not acting at all. Instead, he was simply doing a Christopher Reeve impression.
He was?? I didn't see any similarity to Reeve. Although I hadn't seen the Reeve movies in a long time when I saw SR, and I haven't seen SR in quite a while now that I'm re-watching the Donner film, so maybe I missed something. Still, my impression of the two actors is that they could hardly be more dissimilar.
The clumsy Clark. The same lines. SR was very much Singer's tribute to the Donner movies. If you watch both movies together it's hard to miss.
Well, obviously those homages are there, but that's in the writing. Those aren't "a Christopher Reeve impression," they're a continuation of concepts from the screenplays by Mario Puzo, Tom Mankiewicz, et al. RandyS and I were addressing Brandon Routh's acting, which is a different topic altogether.
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