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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

The papers are buzzing about whose going to be dropped when Capello names his squad on saturday, which is supposed to signal a new era, am sure . Anyway heres my personal 23 man squad...

GK - Hart, Robinson, Foster
RB - Johnson, Richards
CB - Shawcross, Dawson, Cahill, Jagielka
LB - Gibbs, Warnock
RM - Lennon, A.Young
CM - Rodwell, Huddlestone, Wilshere, Milner
LM - A.Johnson, Walcott
FW - Agbonlahor, Crouch, Defoe, Zamora

-------------- Hart--------------
Richards Cahill Dawson Warnock

-----Huddlestone Rodwell-----

Agbonlahor Milner A.Johnson


Give the likes of Wilshire, Gibbs and Shawcross 45 mins in the 2nd half and probably push Agbonlahor more up front later in match but I do think young Gabby with his pace could do what Podolski does for Germany.

If we are going to play a 4-2-3-1 then we need two proper holding players and hopefully Rodwell can do it with Barry in the long run. Wilshire was thought off as a winger and he can probably do that but after seeing Ozil in WC I think we can make him a CAM and give him proper freedom and not hold him back liek we have done with players in the past. Maybe even Wilshire could adpot the gerrard Liverpool role in the future.
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