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Re: An ill-defined itch

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I have the urge to do another of my worldbuilding threads
How about one on the Prime Directive, It fairly obvious that it hasn't existed since the beginning of the Federation. First half of TOS might have had no PD at all. It also seems to have changed over time, either through politics or maybe simple practicalities.

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With holodecks, do you still need or even want actual cadavers in medical school for the gross anatomy class?
Probably. The holodeck presumably not sufficiently hi-fi to do cells and intracellular parts.
If a student was working on a simulated cadaver they would know it. Medical schools might wish for their student to get their hands "wet" inside a actual body. This way when the brand new doctor has to save their first life, they won't flinch in the face of reality.
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