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Re: Casting Superman?

^^^Yeah, being a big fan of Reeve (and sharing a "family resemblance" back in the day), I was pleased to find out that before Superman, he was 6'4" (like me) and weighed 170 lbs. (like me). Let me tell you, that's skinny. For the movie, they apparently shot all the Krypton and Lex Luthor scenes first to give him time to bulk up. In fact, take a look at the Fortress of Solitude scenes in SII. The Luthor scenes were shot at the same time as the first movie but the fights with the Kryptonians were reshot by Richard Lester almost two years later. When Luthor and Supes are talking, Supes is definitely thinner. It apparently caused a headache for the editor trying hard to keep it less obvious.

Bomer's good but looks too boyish for me. My vote's still with Cavill or Routh. In fact, that everyone isn't saying much about Cavill is a positive in my book. Whoever's playing Superman should be as unknown as possible. Avoids the "look at Redford in that Superman costume" problem they were trying to get around in the '78 movie.
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