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Re: Firefly ep by ep; rewatch and reviews

Saturn, thanks for doing this. I enjoy your Joss show review threads a lot. Next up, can you do Dollhouse, please?

Firefly does seem to be a lot more pro-gun than Buffy. What I mean is, that Buffy and most of the other characters refuse to use guns on general principle. And there are a lot of them in Firefly. And in Angel post season 4, as you say. Mostly courtesy of Wesley.

Your Alien Resurrection and Blakes 7 comments are interesting too. I have often seen the similarities. I can see the genesis of the Firefly characters in Alien 4. And I would be interested in hearing if Joss has ever seen Blakes 7, which has a similar premise to Firefly. The show is kind of like a mix between an American Civil War parable, and Blakes 7.
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