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Re: Inception (Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio) Grading & Discuss

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By the way, Frame of Mind had a similar story to Inception, and, despite it's very limited time and budget, almost worked better. By having the play be confused with reality, and having both the entire thing set in an insane asylum really made the viewer question things!
Agreed. I also thought that we saw much more accurate dream imagery in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Restless." There's an internal logic to the dreams and no single image is excessively stoner-y. However, the dreams do a good job of combining several real world elements together that normally don't go together. (Some of that was also a great wink to the production realities of the series. Xander moves between several rooms that aren't connected in the "real" world of the series, but the sets are right next to each other in real life. Willow dreams of a building that is sort of a cross between Sunnydale High & UC-Sunnydale, with the archways of the college but the lockers of the high school. IRL, the college sets in Season 4 were just majorly redressed versions of the old high school sets from Seasons 2 & 3.)

For that matter, there are other movies I can think of that weren't supposed to be dreams yet felt more dreamlike than Inception. Hudson Hawk has an oddly surreal feel throughout. The Terminator is like many nightmares I've had where I'm helplessly chased by a relentless killer.

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You need to stop thinking so literally and start thinking a little more abstractly.
This would be easier if the movie itself weren't so literal. First of all, calling this a movie about "dreams" is very disingenuous, particularly in light of recent theories I've heard about what dreams really are.

If I understand correctly, the current theory is that, during sleep, the brain's sensory inputs are turned off. This turns on another section of the brain that floods it with random sensory data-- colors, lights, sounds, textures, shapes, etc. None of it looks like anything, but you're brain won't accept pure nonsense. The brain's job is to use all of the sensory data available, combine it with what it already understands about the world, and then tries to make the best sense out of it that it can. But it's like looking at clouds. Clouds don't actually look like anything. They're just random collections of evaporated water in the sky. We only think that clouds look like other things because they remind us of something else in our memories. Furthermore, even if you & I both experienced the exact same random sensory dump during a sleep cycle, the final dreams would still be totally different because each brain is unique and interprets the same signals in slightly different ways.
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