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Re: 30 Days of Night sequel to shoot - Dark Days

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Steve Niles, who is co-writing and co-executive producing this time, said...there's a slight possibility the film might get a limited theatrical release...
A short release of 2-3 weeks around Halloween would be all it needed. Especially since it seems the SAW franchise isn't the threat it used to be. It's ruled the October slot the last few years and scarred other movies out of the month like Wolfman & Trick R Treat. Those two I recall reading the move was SAW related. I wouldn't be surprised if Underworld Rise of Lycans was moved to avoid SAW and they just didn't mention it.
Underworld 3 had several production problems that knocked the schedule back more than once, it would have seen a September release like the original but it was nearly February of 2009 when it came out.

Underworld 4 suffered a more serious setback than that and has been pushed from January to September of 2011 because of it, they just seem to have bad luck with each film when it gets closer to the release date.
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